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JSTOR provides access to more than 10 million academic journal articlesbooks, and primary sources in 75 disciplines. We help you explore a wide range of scholarly content through a powerful research and teaching platform. We collaborate with the academic community to help libraries connect students and faculty to vital content while lowering costs and increasing shelf space, provide independent researchers with free and low-cost access to scholarship, and help publishers reach new audiences and preserve their content for future generations.

JSTOR can be access on campus only within UP Cebu with the following subjects 

Includes noteworthy student-run law reviews, featuring more than a century of top legal scholarship accessible for research across other fields of study

Extends coverage in disciplines across the social sciences; adds international depth to disciplines extensively covered in other Arts & Sciences collections

Extends coverage in the social sciences, focusing on disciplines with high usage and broad appeal across all levels of higher education; education, law, and political science disciplines anchor the collection, and include journals from the American Bar Association, Brill, Lynn Reiner, and Springer