Open Access eBooks on JSTOR 

Open Access eBooks on JSTOR

More than 950 Open Access ebooks are now available at no cost to libraries or users. These titles reflect JSTOR’s high standards for quality content; we’ve partnered with leading publishers such as University of California Press, University of Michigan Press, ANU Press, and Cornell University Press.

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These titles are freely available for anyone in the world to use. Each ebook carries one of six Creative Commons licenses determined by the publisher. Users won’t need to register or log in, and there are no DRM restrictions or limits on chapter PDF downloads or printing. The ebooks are also preserved in Portico, ensuring that they will be available to researchers in perpetuity.

The College of Social Sciences Department subscribes to JSTOR  of the following subjects : “ARTS & SCIENCES IVARTS & SCIENCES VIARTS & SCIENCES XII ” .
Database can only be access on campus only within UP Cebu with the following: 

Includes noteworthy student-run law reviews, featuring more than a century of top legal scholarship accessible for research across other fields of study

Extends coverage in disciplines across the social sciences; adds international depth to disciplines extensively covered in other Arts & Sciences collections

Extends coverage in the social sciences, focusing on disciplines with high usage and broad appeal across all levels of higher education; education, law, and political science disciplines anchor the collection, and include journals from the American Bar Association, Brill, Lynn Reiner, and Springer

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